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Early Beginnings Childcare is a family owned, purpose built long day care centre, providing care for 40 children ranging from 6 weeks to 6 years of age, five days a week. Early Beginnings recognises family values and welcomes parental involvement and participation.

We aim to provide a safe, healthy and exciting environment, catering to the special needs and talents of individual children. We aim to ensure all aspects of each child’s developmental needs form the basis of our programs.

Our centre has three rooms and two outdoor playgrounds.
Angel Babies caters for 6 weeks to 2yrs (8), Little Treasures 2yrs-3yrs (12), Rising Stars 3yrs-5yrs (20) and a minimum of 10 qualified staff in attendance each day.

Children are observed in groups and as individuals to best assess their learning interests, strengths and abilities. These observations are shared with families through an online journaling system with secure login for families and educators


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